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by Christie on May 5, 2016

Narta free deodorantRight now you can get paid to try a FREE Narta Roll On Deodorant product. Just head on over HERE to see if you qualify for this new freebie. You’ll get the deodorant for free AND you’ll also get paid to try it and give your feedback. It’s a fun way to test out a new product.

You’ll also be entered to win up to $4,500 in prizes in the Toluna sweepstakes. If you are new to Toluna, you’ll need to verify your e-mail address before you can start testing, so be sure to do that first. Once you’ve confirmed your e-mail, log in and look for the “Explore” tab. Then look for “Test Products” in the drop down box to apply for this one.

There is always something new to try out at Toluna, so if you don’t get selected for this one, you’ll have many more chances to test things. Recently they’ve had products from Maybelline, Rimmel, Glade, L’Oreal, Colgate, Nivea, Garnier, Dove, Huggies and more. So just go HERE to check it out. Good Luck! :)


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